The year is 2016. The legendary alien war criminal Atrox, responsible for the destruction or irreparable harm of multiple systems and the deaths of trillions of sentients, has evaded custody and found his way to Earth. In close pursuit is a fleet from Union of Collaborating Systems, the largest interstellar alliance in the galaxy, determined to bring him to justice. Their commander presents Earth with an ultimatum: either accept assimilation into the Union, and be afforded all the protections of its member worlds, or have them descend to retrieve their fugitive in force.

Though her defenses are tempered by years of kaiju attacks, alien invasions, and supernatural incursions, Earth is faced with not one, but two threats greater than she has seen before. Fortunately, after hasty negotiation between the fleet and the United Nations (as the representative body of Earth), a compromise is reached, and the UN establishes the Well-Armed Reconnaissance and Retrieval of an Intergalactic Offender for Restitution Task Force (or simply Warrior Force). With advanced technology and resources at their disposal, and assisted by both new and familiar faces, Warrior Force’s sole mission is find and contain Atrox. Ultimately, they choose to answer this challenge with the time-tested model that Earth knows best – a team of Power Rangers.

Power Rangers - Warrior Force

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