Character Creation

Character creation differs slightly from the normal World of Darkness/Princess process, so the rules and walkthrough are posted here.


Before you can make the ranger, you must make the person. Figure out where your character comes from, who they are, and what they’ve done. As you do this, there are two questions that need answering.

  • Why would WARRIOR Force select your character to hunt down an intergalactic terrorist? While combat or fighting experience is certainly good to have, it’s not sufficient or even necessary. That’s what the ranger powers are for, after all.
  • Why would your core select your character? Each core is connected to a set of ideals and personality traits, and your character should jive with that. Whether it’s an obvious part of their being, or something they have to strive for, is up to you.

Your character is not directly affiliated with former Ranger teams, may not be active military, and I encourage that they not be former military. I want civilians up in here. Other than that, you have free reign.

Character Creation

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