Character Creation

Character creation differs slightly from the normal World of Darkness/Princess process, so the rules and walkthrough are posted here.


Before you can make the ranger, you must make the person. Figure out where your character comes from, who they are, and what they’ve done. As you do this, there are two questions that need answering.

  • Why would WARRIOR Force select your character to hunt down an intergalactic terrorist? While combat or fighting experience is certainly good to have, it’s not sufficient or even necessary. That’s what the ranger powers are for, after all.
  • Why would your core select your character? Each core is connected to a set of ideals and personality traits, and your character should jive with that. Whether it’s an obvious part of their being, or something they have to strive for, is up to you.

Your character is not directly affiliated with former Ranger teams, may not be active military, and I encourage that they not be former military. I want civilians up in here. Other than that, you have free reign.


Physical – Strength, Dexterity, Stamina
Mental – Intelligence, Wits, Resolve
Social – Presence, Manipulation, Composure

Your character begins with one dot in every attribute, by virtue of existing. You may then add five dots to the attributes of one category, chosen and distributed as you see fit; four dots to attributes in another category; and three dots to attributes of the last category. No attribute can exceed five dots at character creation. If you feel that you don’t have enough dots, you will be able to buy more at the end of the process.

Skills & Specialties

Physical – Athletics, Brawl, Drive, Firearms, Larceny, Stealth, Survival, Weaponry
Mental – Academics, Computer, Crafts, Investigation, Medicine, Occult, Politics, Science
Social – Animal Ken, Empathy, Expression, Intimidation, Persuasion, Socialize, Streetwise, Subterfuge

The starting value for every skill is zero dots. You assign dots by category, similarly to how you did for attributes: one category receives 11 dots; another receives 7 dots; the the third receives 4 dots. You don’t have to prioritize skills the same way you do attributes – you can put the most dots in your physical attributes, and the minimum in your physical skills, for instance. No skill can exceed five dots.

After you decide on your skills, you select three specialties for your character. Specialties apply to one specific skill each, and provide a bonus die to that skill whenever they are relevant. You can have more than one specialty under the same skill, if you so choose.

Having dots in a combat skill is probably useful, given how often Rangers have to fight. Archery and thrown weapons use Athletics, guns use Firearms, unarmed attacks and grappling use Brawl, and all melee weapons (regardless of subclass) use Weaponry. Keep in mind that Fighting Style merits, which have nifty combat benefits, often have skill requirements. As with attribute dots, additional skill dots and specialties can be purchased near the end of character creation.

Ranger Perks

As a Ranger, you have the ability to morph. While morphed, you have the ability to use Powers. In addition, you gain a dot in one attribute of your choice, decided at character creation, while morphed. You can purchase additional attribute or skill dots that only apply while morphed; these cost less Experience than normal attribute or skill dots, and can be converted to normal dots at any time by spending the difference.

Access is the strength of your connection to the Morphing Grid, and is basically an upper limit on your character’s power. Your character starts with an Access of 1.

Charges are the energy spent to activate Powers and do other fun things. Your character begins with (and can have a maximum of) 10 Charges, and can hold more with a higher Access.

If Access is the conduit for your power, Cores are the lenses that focus it into something useful. In many situations, you can spend Charges to add your dots in one Core to an action. You begin with one dot in the appropriate Core of your color.

Duty is also a thing.


Your character receives the following Powers for free:

In addition, you receive three dots worth of Powers or upgrades for free. Additional Powers and upgrades can be purchased for experience.

You may designate a one dot Power as a Civilian Power; this Power as well as your boost Power are useable while unmorphed. For now, no upgrades apply to your Civilian Power when unmorphed, and you may not select an Arsenal Power (such as your Power Weapon).

Experience and Merits

You have 10 Experience to spend on merits or any other aspect of your character. Ranger-specific Merits are detailed here, but your character can also select Merits from other World of Darkness sources; being a Ranger counts as having a supernatural template for Merit selection. Experience costs are as follows:

  • Attribute dot: 4 Experience
  • Morphed Attribute dot: 3 Experience
  • Skill dot: 2 Experience
  • Morphed Skill dot: 1 Experience
  • Convert a Morphed Skill or Attribute dot to a normal dot: 1 Experience
  • Skill specialty: 1 Experience
  • New Power: 1 Experience + 1 Experience / dot
  • New Upgrade: 1 Experience
  • Core dot: 1 Experience
  • Merit dot: 1 Experience
  • Access dot: 5 Experience
  • Duty dot: 3 Experience
  • Willpower dot: 1 Experience (bought back after sacrifice)

Character Creation

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