Jury Rig

“Of course I can fix it, I’ve got duct tape and WD-40. What else do I need?”

Type: Activated
Rank: ••
Requires: Blue

Action: Extended (10 seconds/roll, threshold = target’s size)
Roll: Wits + Crafts
Cost: 1 Charge per 5 Size of target
Duration: 1 scene or 1 hour

With a few tools and enough duct tape, a Ranger can get anything running, at least for a time. To repair a device she requires basic tools and vaguely appropriate replacements for any missing pieces: for a car, for instance, she could use cheap alcohol for missing petrol, several packs of AA batteries to replace a car battery, a circular piece of wood for a missing wheel and lots and lots of duct tape for structural damage.

  • Dramatic Failure: The Ranger’s crude repairs collapse into a pile of junk, damaging the machine further. Remove all Successes and a quarter of the device’s Structure.
  • Failure: The Ranger no progress.
  • Success: The Ranger makes some repairs. When the Ranger reaches the threshold the device is fully functional; it will work as designed for 1 scene or 1 hour, starting from the first turn it is used. The repairs will last indefinitely until someone uses the device, or damages it again – even one point of structural damage ends the Power.
  • Exceptional Success: The Ranger makes extensive repairs, which can survive his Attunement worth of Damage.

Alas, the repairs are held together by spit, tape, and Charges, and that stuff don’t last. After the device is used, the Power will hold for one scene or one hour, after which the device returns to the state of disrepair it was in before the Ranger touched it.

Suggested Modifiers: Simple machine ( 2), appropriate tools (+ equipment bonus), proper replacement parts (+2), very inappropriate parts (-2), complicated problem (-2), exceptionally complicated machine (such as trying to patch up a circuit board) (-4)

Jury Rig

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