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The Earth in Power Rangers is similar to our own, but not identical. The timelines have diverged, and some pretty radical events have happened in-universe. Here’s the important things for you to know for this game:

(Almost) every season of Power Rangers is, for good or bad, canon. Events have been spun to make them more coherent and interrelated, but they definitely happened. The exceptions to this are Megaforce and beyond (as this premise was conceived while waiting for Megaforce and is somewhat of an alternate take), as well as S.P.D. and RPM (which simply haven’t happened yet).

The last guaranteed point of commonality between our world and this world is in 1993. This isn’t to say that everything you think you know is a lie, but be careful what you take for granted after that point regarding real-world events. Similarly, though set in the “modern day”, science and technology are moderately better than what we have now. After all, the world’s been exposed to alien technology for over twenty years. When in doubt, be creative or ask away.

The world, on the whole, is a much more peaceful place, when not faced with an alien or supernatural invasion. Crime rates are lower, and police and military forces, while larger than they used to be in the Rangerverse, are still much smaller than they are in our world. When really bad things happen, a non-Ranger response that can handle the situation is often a long time coming. Conversely, when really bad things aren’t happening, Rangers are typically expected to pick up any police slack and handle street crimes they encounter.

Aliens walk among us. While still a rare sight, there is a fairly sizable resident population on Earth. The planet is also a mildly popular tourist destination for many species. In any event, the alien presence is known and (generally) tolerated.

This is a Power Ranger game using the Mutants and Masterminds (3e) system, which is very loosely derived from D&D 3e. If you aren’t familiar with M&M or d20 systems, don’t worry. We’ll explain all that shit here.

Main Page

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