Dustin Owenson

Archaeologist; Yellow Viking Ranger


ABILITIES: STR 3 (6), STA 3 (6), AGL 2, DEX 2, FGT 4 (5), INT 4, AWE 4, PRE 2

SKILLS: Acrobatics +5, Athletics +8 (11), Close Combat +7 (8), Deception +2 (3), Expertise [Anthropology] +12, Insight +8, Intimidation +8 (9), Investigation +10, Perception +8, Persuasion +4 (5), Ranged Combat +4 (6), Stealth +2, Treatment +5, Vehicles +5

ADVANTAGES: Ambidexterity, Close Attack 3, Fascinate [Expertise [Anthropology]], Fearless, Languages 3, Great Endurance, Well-Informed


  • WARRIOR SPIRIT: Enhanced Traits
    • Fighting 1, Stamina 3, Strength 3
    • Deception 1, Intimidation 1, Persuasion 1
    • Improved Smash, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 1
    • Dodge 1, Parry 4
  • POLARIS AXES: Array [Easily Removable]
    • STRIKE: Damage 2 [Advantages (Improved Critical), Penetrating 6, Reach 1, Split, Strength-Based]
    • THROW: Damage 2 [Accurate, Advantages (Improved Critical), Penetrating 6, Ranged, Ricochet 1, Split, Strength-Based; Diminished Range, Distracting]
  • POWER SUIT: Protection 4
  • MAGNETIC CLING: Movement 2 [Wall Crawling 2; Limited (Metallic surfaces)]
  • PERSONAL MAGNETISM: Move Object 8 [Accurate, Split 3; Activation (Move), Diminished Mass 1, Limited Material (Metals)]

Initiative: +2
Personal Magnetism [Move Metallic Objects]: +8 vs Dodge, DC 18, 200/400/800ft Range, Split (up to 4 targets), Activation (Move)
Strike [Strength-Based Damage]: +8 vs Parry, DC 23, 10ft Reach, 19-20 Crit, Penetrating 6, Split (up to 2 targets)
Throw [Distracting Ranged Strength-Based Damage]: +8 vs Dodge, DC 23, 20/50/100ft Range, 19-20 Crit, Penetrating 6, Ricochet 1, Split (up to 2 targets)

Grab: +7 (8) vs Parry, DC 13 (16)
Throw: +4 (6) vs Dodge, DC 18 (21)
Unarmed: +7 (8) vs Parry, DC 18 (21)

DEFENSES: Dodge 3 (4), Parry 2 (6), Toughness 3 (10), Fortitude 5 (8), Will 6

COMPLICATIONS Prideful to a Fault at Time; Wee Bit of A Drinker


Age: 27
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 198

Day Job: Anthropology grad student (doctorate) with focus on nordic history with a minor in ancient warfare
Ancestral Warrior: Viking (specifically the celts and franks)
Color: Yellow
Elemental Association: Magnetism
Zord: Bear

Born in Eden Prairie, Minnesota; Dustin is the son of a fireman and stay at home mother and is the middle of three children. His father died when Dustin was around 8 years old, a casualty of a large building fire. As a results Owenson and his family moved in with his paternal grandparents. Dustin had always been close to his grandfather, a 1st generation American immigrant from Wales. A retired dock worker, he loved regaling his family with ancient myth of his forefathers as well his people’s sordid history. Young Dustin especially loved his grandfather’s tales, staying up late in the cold Minnesota winter night listening to stories of monsters and murder, rampage and conquest; these were his lullabies and his fairytales.

A active young mind, he delved deeper and deeper into the histories and stories he heard as a child; never satisfied with the legends of his youth staying as such. As he grew older and matured, he never forgot these stories and they lead him to the University of Minnesota, were he got his BA in Anthropology with a minor in Classic Literature. He spent the next two years traveling across Europe, diving into the legends and cultures of his childhood.

He eventually ended up at the University of Stockholm, earning a master’s in Archaeology with a focus on Slavic and Nordic culture, earning a BA in the Classics. While doing research in a library, he happened upon a magnificent discovery; a series of runes that held a similar function and meaning across multiple nomadic and seafaring European culture. These runes all pointed to same thing: the Gateway to Valhalla.

Sure of the validity of his discovery he sought a university that would help him find that mythic site. He eventually ended up at his old alma mater, the University of Minnesota. Getting into the doctorate program, Dustin presented his proposal and with a little convincing and a generous helping of a near literal mountain of research, he was off to search for the mythic Gates to Valhalla.

Following the layout from his research; he, an adviser, and a team of faceless interns looking for an easy and cheap way to travel and get some college credits set up shop in Iceland in the Hallmundarhraun lava fields; an reported early settling site for ancient viking cultures. Delving deep into the idyllic yet dangerous terrain, the dig team happens upon a previously undiscovered deep pocket cave that had been lost to a slew of lava flows. Inside Dustin and his team find a phenomenal treasure: a long forgotten ship filled with a fully entombed crew.

The ship itself was of an odd craftsmanship; both typical of the believe time period it was from yet odd reminiscent of at least 3 other unrelated cultures. Digging deeper into the ship, Dustin himself made his way into the ship’s hull; find the treasure that this ship and it’s crew was tasked with protecting: a large statue of an anthropomorphic bearman. Around it’s waist was belt adorned with a large yellow stone that held the same rune as one that connoted the Gates to Valhalla.

Dustin had found his legendary treasure and much more. Bringing his find to the world at large, Owenson and his discovery were quickly pulled into a world he never thought he’d be a part of: the world of Warrior Force.

Dustin Owenson

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