Mari Mag Raith

Investigative Journalist; Blue Samurai Ranger


ABILITIES: STR 2, STA 2 (3), AGL 3 (4), DEX 2 (3), FGT 3, INT 3, AWE 4, PRE 3

SKILLS: Acrobatics +6 (7), Athletics +1 (5), Close Combat (Unarmed) +6, Deception +10, Expertise [Journalism] +10, Insight +8, Intimidation +3, Investigation +10, Perception +9, Persuasion +11, Ranged Combat +2 (3), Sleight Of Hand +7 (8), Stealth +8 (9), Technology +10, Treatment +4, Vehicles +3 (4)

ADVANTAGES: Attractive 2, Connected, Contacts, Fascinate [Expertise [Journalism]], Fearless, Improved Initiative, Teamwork, Well-informed


  • TALENTED TONGUE: Comprehend 3 [Read All, Speak All, Understand All; Quirk (Requires at least a scene to acquire a new language)]


  • WARRIOR SPIRIT: Enhanced Agility 1, Athletics 3, Dexterity 1, Dodge 4, Parry 4, Stamina 1, Accurate Attack, Close Attack 5, Move-by Action, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge
  • WAVE KATANA: Array [Easily Removable]
    • IAIJUTSU: Damage 6 [Accurate, Advantages (Improved Critical 2), Breaking, Feature (Recovered if attack downs the foe), Multiattack, Penetrating, Strength-Based; Quirk (Single-target only), Limited 2 (Single use)]
    • MONSOON STRIKE: Damage 4 [Burst Area, Strength-Based; Activation (Move)]
    • POMMEL BASH: Linked Affliction 8 [Fort; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated], Damage 1 [Strength-Based]
    • WATER BLAST: Damage 3 [Accurate 2; Multiattack, Ranged, Strength-Based;]
    • WAVE SLASH: Damage 6 [Advantages (Improved Critical), Penetrating 2, Strength-Based]
  • JESUS COMPLEX: Movement 2 [Water Walking 2]
    • AQUALUNG: Immunity 1 [Suffocation (Water breathing)]; Swimming 1
  • WATER WALLS: Create 4 [Limited to Barriers]

Initiative: +7 (8)
Iaijustu [Strength-Based Damage]: +9 vs Parry, DC 23, Crit 18-20, Multiattack (Single-target only), Penetrating 2, Single-use (Recovered if foe is downed)
Monsoon Strike [Area Strength-Based Damage]: Dodge vs DC 17, DC 21, 30ft burst, Activation (Move)
Pommel Bash [Linked Affliction, Strength-Based Damage]: +8 vs Parry, Fort DC 18 (Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated), DC 18
Water Blast [Ranged Strength-Based Damage]: +7 vs Dodge, DC 20, 25/50/100ft, Multiattack
Wave Slash [Strength-Based Damage]: +7 vs Parry, DC 23, Crit 19-20, Penetrating 2

Grab: +3 (8), DC 12
Throw: +2 (3), DC 17
Unarmed: +6 (11). DC 17

DEFENSES: Dodge 3 (8), Parry 4 (8), Toughness 2 (8), Fortitude 2 (3), Will 4


  • Enemy: Mari has pissed off no small number of powerful people due to her journalistic work. Despite her public position as the Blue Samurai Ranger, many of them are no doubt itching to get some measure of revenge. Those who have partnered with Atrox even find that to be a bonus.
  • Motivation: Informational Freedom: Mari believes that all information should be free. Secrets should be thrust into the open. No corporation should hide things from their consumers. Governments should be open to their people. Her desire to expose corruption and leak secrets to the public can override her better judgement, and she doesn’t stop to consider the harm the secrets can do if they go public.

PP: 80 (Mundane), 125 (morphed)


Age: 25
Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 130

Day Job: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Journalist
Ancestral Warrior: Samurai
Color: Blue
Elemental Association: Ocean
Zord: Dragon

Born to a Japanese father and an Irish mother in San Francisco, Mari is a bit of a genetic melting pot, but one that seems to have turned out extremely well.

An active girl at a young age, she developed an interest in her future journalism career early on in life, writing up and printing neighborhood bulletins of goings-on in her suburb. Though mostly filled with minor, amusing stories (such as a dog meetup), one story in particular was about her errant discovery (and subsequent misunderstanding) of a neighbor cheating on his wife.

It was with that incident that Mari learned the real power of the printed word.

High school lead to her becoming editor-in-chief of her schools’ newspaper and the subsequent editorial clashes with the schools’ principal over what was and was not appropriate. When Mari distributed an unapproved version of the newspaper, featuring an expose on the unfair treatment of several students thanks to zero-tolerance policies, criticism of the administration grew and the paper was shut down.

Undaunted, incensed, and fueled by a fiercely stubborn spirit only encouraged by her younger writing exploits, Mari self-published with the rest of the former newspaper’s staff. The administration did not approve, but further silencing attempts were only met with more criticisms, and the paper was eventually reinstated with more editorial freedom (and, on Mari’s side, restraint). Her high grades and leadership of the paper got her admission to Emerson College, where she joined the staff for the Berkeley Beacon.

As Millennials were rising into their own generation, Mari found her voice writing for the Beacon and freelance articles for other publications, including both USA Today, TIME Magazine, the BBC, and on one occasion, Buzzfeed. Her desire to reach down and discover the truth lead for her to take more extreme measures, aggressively seeking out stories and using as many sources as she could get. When she couldn’t find them, she would infiltrate companies and private property on her own, taking photos and gathering information.

While in college, she used her considerable charms and looks to, at first, get some help from amateur black hats who were willing to hack for her. Tinkering on her own, she discovered how much she enjoyed it, and has taken great strides to become a capable hacker in her own right, staying at the forefront of computer science issues out of interest. This lead her to a natural connected interest in computer hardware, and from there, general engineering.

After graduating Emerson with honors, she immediately moved on to a salaried reporting position at the California Post, where she continued her trend of on-hands reporting. She voraciously went after corruption and scandals, feeling that the best way to show the dangers of power was by showing it off to the public. Her dogged reporting made her plenty of enemies (and more than a few run-ins with the cops), but public support rallied behind her.

The saga of Atrox, the UCS threat, and the subsequent formation of WARRIOR Force shook foundations all across the world, and Mari was at the forefront of the reporters clamoring for answers. The WARRIOR Force personnel and official representatives stonewalled them at every turn, refusing to speak on their search for the new Rangers and denying access to any and all inquiries. The silence and avoidance frustrated Mari, and she decided to take matters into her own hands, as she had done many times before. After three weeks of preparation, hacking, and research, she put her plan to infiltrate Hoover Dam into motion.

To the surprise of nearly everyone, including herself, she made it past the security checkpoints and was well into the base’s hallways before they cottoned on to her deception, and she was soon caught and hauled into an isolate room for questioning.

After determining that she was not a foreign agent or servant of Atrox (which was no small feat), Mari talked her way out of the inevitable trespassing charges by offering them a deal – all of her notes and pictures were, by now, on the cloud. If they dropped all charges, she would hold onto everything she’d seen and taken and wait for official approval.

It wasn’t a deal she wanted to make, but it was all the leverage she had. She was, once again, surprised to find that after an hour of private deliberation, they agreed. She was released and kept her end of the bargain, though she wasn’t happy about it.

In reality, the reason they had accepted was because Colonel Shatland had put forth Mari as a candidate for the Blue Samurai Core. Most of the base’s security staff were against this suggestion, as the egg on their faces was still fresh. A DNA compatibility test was quickly run on a hair she had lost during her arrest, showing that her being a candidate was within the realm of possibility, and Shatland was impressed by her resourcefulness and determination to find out the truth. However annoying it was for WARRIOR Force, it was the kind of trait that would serve a Ranger well.

When the summons came for her to report to Hoover Dam, this time officially and legally, she jumped at the opportunity and accepted without hesitation. The chance to protect the earth and root out corruption with virtually unlimited administrative power was entirely too tempting to pass up, and it was the right thing to do.

Mari Mag Raith

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