Ranger Concepts

Things you need to know to be a ranger.

The Universal Morphing Grid

The Universal Morphing Grid is hard to define or explain. Energy field? Alternate dimension? Magic? Whatever the case, the Grid pretty blatantly breaks the laws of physics as we know them. It’s a seemingly limitless source of any form of energy — mechanical, thermal, electric, radiant, sound, and even things like “emotional energy” and “life force”. Not only do Rangers draw upon the Grid on personal level, allowing them to do things ranging from the fairly mundane (lending extra force to their punches, “jump good”) to the impossible (summoning a storm or a raging inferno, teleportation), but all Ranger tech, from the Arsenal to the Zords, is powered by the Grid.

However, the Morphing Grid isn’t just a handy power source – it’s a repository for the knowledge and training of Rangers past. When a Ranger morphs, they suddenly know how to do things that they had no idea they were capable of, knowledge that leaves them when they demorph and their active connection to the Grid is broken. This builds off whatever skills and abilities each Ranger already possesses, so the more they practice as a civilian, the more they’re capable of while morphed. It’s this aspect of the Grid that, rather than do the impossible, simply makes Rangers better — better at fighting, better at moving, better at solving problems. In exchange, everything a Ranger learns or experiences while morphed is added to the Grid, for future Rangers to call upon.


Morphing the process of forging a link to the Universal Morphing Grid, and the ability to do so is the defining quality for a Power Ranger.


Anyone with an appropriate item (Cores, coins, crystals, etc.) and know-how could theoretically open a link to the Morphing Grid. Doing so, however, is extremely dangerous. The human body is simply not able to handle the sheer amount of energy unleashed without some sort of assistance. For this reason, Rangers often contain their power items in special devices called morphers. Morphers are a metaphorical valve for the morphing process, controlling when and how much energy is released from the Grid.

The brightly-colored suits aren’t just costumes or protection, but full-body control and sensor systems. With them, the morpher can monitor the Ranger’s vitals and surroundings, react to their vocal commands or gestures, redirect Grid power to where it is needed most, and relay all this information to headquarters for analysis. In addition to the suit, the morpher’s teleportation device can summon weapons and tools from the Ranger’s arsenal, so they can move and fight unencumbered while still having all of their gear available on demand.

All of this automation not only makes it safer and easier for the Ranger to morph, but also ensures that the morpher is useless were it to fall into the wrong hands. Morphers are keyed to their Ranger’s DNA and physiology; even if a thief were to bypass this, he would have to learn to control it in the exact same fashion that the Ranger does.

Ranger Concepts

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