Character Creation

Most of the character creation process is detailed in the World of Darkness core rulebook, so follow that and refer back to here for specific advice or new rules. Included here are the Power Ranger pertinent parts.

Step 1 – Concept and Background

In Power Rangers canon, the only real established color/team role is that Red is the de-facto leader. All other colors and roles are mutable.

However, we’ve got some ideas to get you started. Cores tend to attune to like-minded people, so check the list below:

Red – restraint; leadership; protection.
Blue – logic; reason; precision.
Yellow – speed; determination; resilience.

White – honor; loyalty; justice.
Black – stealth; surprise; humility.

Before becoming a Ranger, your character was a normal teenager with attitude.

Step 2 – Attributes

Each Ranger gets one free dot in a Morphed attribute of their choice.

Step 3 – Skills & Specialties

Having prowess in a martial skill would be useful, given how often Rangers have to fight. Aside from that, skill choices are up to you.

Archery is Athletics or Firearms. Thrown weapons are Athletics. Guns are Firearms. Unarmed attacks are Brawl. All melee weapons, regardless of subclass, are Weaponry.

If you have a fighting style in mind (see Merits, below), it may be a good idea to check it now and make sure you fulfill any skill/attribute prerequisites before you get too far in and have to rework things.

Step 4 – New and Modified Traits (Affinity, Duty, Charges)

New Advantage: Affinity.
New Advantage: Charges.
Modified Advantage: Duty.

Step 5 – Core and Powers

This is where it gets fun.

See Cores.

You have 5 dots worth of Powers to choose from. Note that you get one or two free Powers from your Core choice.

If you wish, you may get only 4 dots worth of Powers and get an additional Morphed Attribute dot or two Morphed Skill dots.

Step 6 – Merits

As in normal WoD creation, you have 7 dots worth of Merits to pick from. You may choose from any that you qualify for. Note that being a Ranger counts as having a supernatural template.

Each Core has a suggested fighting style associated with it. Fighting Styles are Merits, so keep that in mind when making your character and choosing Merits.

In addition, new and modified Merits specifically for Rangers are detailed on the Merits page.

Character Creation

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