At the core of each Ranger’s power is, well, a Core. Without their Core, a Ranger is just some person in a costume.

Using Cores

Each Ranger corresponds to a Core of the same color; his is considered to be his or her primary Core; . Just like any skill or attribute, each Core has a dot rating, with a maximum of five dots. As a Ranger, you can purchase dots in your primary Core without restriction. Other Cores, however, are limited – the maximum dots you can have in any other Core is one fewer than the dots in your primary Core. Additionally, you can only purchase dots in a Core if that Core’s Ranger is currently an ally.

When activating a Power, you can spend an additional Charge. Doing so allows you to add your dots in a Core (any that you have dots in) to your dicepool for activating that Power – this is known as applying your Core to the roll. If a Power or Upgrade requires a certain number of dots in a Core as a prerequisite, you cannot apply any Core other than the required one. You can never apply more than one Core at a time to any Power.

Some Powers are always active, and thus don’t have an activation roll; these Powers instead let you spend a Charge to apply your Core to an otherwise normal action or set of actions.

Echoes and Clashes

Cores have Echoes and Clashes listed in their description, which are sets of circumstances that either favor the Core’s key ideals (Echoes) or run opposite to them (Clashes). When applying a Core to a roll, if you are fulfilling a listed Echo for that Core at the time, you do not need to spend a Charge to do so – the Core applies for free.

If you Clash with a Core, you cannot apply that Core for the remainder of the scene. If you’re clashing with your Primary Core, you must additionally roll your Access. If you fail, you demorph and cannot morph for the rest of the scene.

Known Cores


Associated Warrior: European Knight
Associated Element: Fire
Key Ideas: The Red Core is focused on defending those who cannot defend themselves. It emphasizes restraint, teamwork, and leadership. When in a conflict, the Red way to end it is with whatever causes the least harm.
Echoes: The Red Core can be applied for free when the target is fire or on fire; when being used to defend an innocent; when fighting in place of one who cannot; when giving orders to or coordinating others; when restraining from excessive force; and when matching an opponent’s strength.
Clashes: The Red Core cannot be applied, and risks being lost, when the user fails to accept surrender; kills a helpless opponent; or acts recklessly and in doing so harms an innocent or friend (or lets them come to harm).


Associated Warrior: Aztec Eagle Warrior
Associated Element: Wind
Key Ideas: The Blue Core is focused on sensibility and logic. It emphasizes efficiency, critical thinking, and clever solutions to problems. When in a conflict, the Blue way to end it is by using the fewest possible resources.
Echoes: The Blue Core can be applied for free when the target is air or airborne; when attempting to subdue or pacify a foe rather than kill; when acting after having studied a situation; when formulating or executing a strategy; and when instructing or educating others.
Clashes: The Blue Core cannot be applied, and risks being lost, when the user willingly deviates from an established course of action, unless new information is considered and the action must change to account for it; acts excessively showy or wasteful when attempting to solve a problem; or elects to take a brute-force or obvious approach when other options are available.


Associated Warrior: Viking Raider
Associated Element: Earth
Key Ideas: The Yellow Core is focused on quick and decisive action. It emphasizes passionate force, overcoming challenges, and endless determination. When in a conflict, the Yellow way to end it is as soon as possible.
Echoes: The Yellow Core can be applied for free when the target is earth or stone; when making (and carrying out) a challenge to another; when acting before anyone else; when acting with full force; when performing an action that is considered unusually difficult; and when helping others persevere.
Clashes: The Yellow Core cannot be applied, and risks being lost, when the user refuses to answer a direct challenge; allows someone to be hurt by inaction; or gives up in the face of overwhelming adversity.


Associated Warrior: Unknown.
Associated Element: Unknown.
Key Ideas: Unknown.

  • Echoes: Unknown.
  • Clashes: Unknown.


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