Spray of Embers

“Think of them as fireflies, only actually on fire.”

Type: Activated
Rank: •••
Requires: Red ••

Action: Instant
Roll: Dexterity + Weaponry
Cost: 2 Charges
Duration: Concentration

A cloud of sparks and embers sprays from the Ranger’s hands, enveloping and burning whatever he chooses. The cloud forms a swarm of radius equal to the activation successes, inflicting 1 Bashing damage on everything (except the Ranger) within it. He can move and shape the cloud as he concentrates, adding 1 to the damage inflicted for each halving of the radius. This damage is not soakable, but every 2 points of Armor reduces the damage to its wearer by 1. Finally, the cloud bedevils everyone within it but the Ranger; they take a -2 penalty on Perception rolls.

Spray of Embers

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